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Tech Tip: I installed a 4D Demo version and now my serial number does not work.
Published On: March 7, 2002

If you already tried typing in your serial number and 4D did not accept it, follow these quick steps.

1-Launch 4D, it should display the following screen:

2- Click the Demo button.

At the open database dialog, create a new database or select an existing database.

Once the database is opened, press Ctrl+Shift+F8.

The update license dialog is displayed:

Click Add Serial Number, enter your serial number, and click OK when you are finished.

If 4D still did not accept your serial number:

- Check for special characters like #-$%@ and make sure you respect the character case.

- Check the platform and version indicated on your registration card and make sure they match the version you are using to enter the serial number.

If 4D accepted your serial number (no error message), you can expand your serial number to make sure the products that appear are the same as those mentioned on your registration card.