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Tech Tip: Troubleshooting 4D Open connection problems when using "OP Find 4D Server"
PRODUCT: 4D Open | VERSION: 6.7 | PLATFORM: Mac & Win
Published On: March 12, 2002

If you are experiencing 4D Open connection errors when trying to connect using "OP Find 4D Server" chances are that some parameters in the "OP Find 4D Server" are incorrect. You can do a quick test by using "OP Select 4D Server" instead.

OP Select 4D Server displays the "Connect to 4D Server dialog" and allows you to graphically choose a 4D Server for the netCompID network component

OP Select 4D Server (netCompID; serverName; serverID; otherButton) Longint

Parameter Type Description
netCompID Longint -> Network component reference number
serverName Text <- Selected server name
serverID Longint <- Unique ID for selected server
otherButton Boolean -> To show or hide the "Other" button
Function result Longint <- Error code result for the function

The correct values will be returned into serverName and serverID.