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Tech Tip: How to make method color changes for a particular database
Published On: March 28, 2002

Version 6.5.x and 6.7.x

As you may already know, you can select a different display color for each language element type when they are displayed in the method editor. You can do so by selecting a color from the Color menus that is displayed when the method editor is displayed.

By default, when you select a color from the color menu for a structure element, that new setting applies to any database that is opened on the current machine. However, you can make that selection specific to the database.

To do so, just press the Alt key (on Windows) or the Option key (on Mac OS) while selecting the color from the Colors menu. In this case, the color preferences are stored in the database's structure instead of the local 4D Preferences. If you are in Client/Server mode, all the clients will be using that new setting.