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Tech Tip: Path file security
Published On: June 20, 2002
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4D Client/Server v6.7/v6.8

If you select Save Path from the passwords drop-down menu, 4D will create a path file.

The path file stores your login name, password, and network address. This makes it very easy for you to open up a database on your network that is password-protected because 4D will use your stored information to automatically log you in. The problem is, the information is not encrypted and thus can be viewed by anyone who has a text editor. This could prove to be a problem.

Notice the screen shot above shows the network address as, and the login name as "Administrator" with the password "987654321" when the PATH file is edited by a text editor.

If that proves to be a security concern, you can create a path file without the password. In this case, users will have to enter the password to log into the database and therefore you will not be able to retrieve it from the path file.