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Tech Tip: Multiple page forms
Published On: July 19, 2002

Compatibility: 6.5.x , 6.7.x, and 6.8.x

If you create a table with 20 fields and ask 4D to create the input form for you (automatic creation when switching to the User environment or using the Form wizard), you may not see all of your fields on the form. In fact, 4D will try to display the fields, one per line, on the main page. All of these fields cannot be displayed on the same page. This is why 4D is going to create additional pages and will continue to display the next fields on this new page. 4D may create as many pages as required.

In Design mode, you can navigate between pages by selecting the page number from the contextual menu of the form, from the Tools palette (buttons Previous page or Next page) or by selecting the page number from the small pop-up displayed at the bottom right corner of the form where rulers are displayed.

In User mode or Custom menus, you can navigate through your pages by using the default buttons Previous page or Next page, by using your own custom buttons with the FIRST PAGE, LAST PAGE,PREVIOUS PAGE or NEXT PAGE commands in the buttons' object methods or by using a tab control object placed on page 0.