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Tech Tip: Searches in 4D View
Published On: July 25, 2002
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In 4D View, searches can easily be done procedurally with the commands:

PV FIND ONE (area; criteria; direction; where; contains{; column; row })

The command PV FIND ONE executes a query among area cells and makes current the first
cell found. The coordinates of the new current cell are returned in column and row. If the query does not find any cells, the current cell remains the same.

PV FIND ALL (area; criteria; where; contains)

The command PV FIND ALL is similar to PV FIND ONE but selects all the cells in the area that correspond to the query criteria. After calling this command, the first cell found becomes the new current cell and the other found cells are selected.

If no cell was found during the search, the current cell remains the same.

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