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Tech Tip: What you should know when downloading a 4D v6.8.x application to your Mac OS X
Published On: July 31, 2002
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Compatibility: 6.8.x
Platforms: Mac OS X

When you download any 4D 6.8.x applications from to your Mac OS X, you may notice that the downloaded file as the extension of .sea (e.g. 4D Server 6.8.1.sea). This extension stands for Self Extracting Archive. Under Mac OS 9, a .sea file can be extracted simply by double-clicking it. Under Mac OS X, there are two methods you can use to expand the .sea file:

1. Double-click the .sea file and allow it to be extracted in the Classic environment.
2. Use the Stuffit Expander in Mac OS X:Applications:Utilities to extract the .sea file.

The second method is recommended for the following reasons:
- If your Macintosh has only Mac OS X installed (no Classic), an error will be generated when you try to expand the .sea file using the first method.
- The system may damage the archive if you use the first method.