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Tech Tip: Using Selections in 4D Business Kit
PRODUCT: 4D Business Kit | VERSION: 1.0 | PLATFORM: Mac & Win
Published On: July 31, 2002

You have a total of 6 selections to manipulate and play with in 4D Business Kit. There are 5 selections and one Basket selection. The 4DBKSelectionSet command allows you to set the current selection. The process will remain in that selection until another 4DBKSelectionSet command is encountered or a new page is loaded. When you manipulate the current selection, it is saved when you move into another selection. You are thus allowed to move between selections while having the parameters saved for each selection. However, if you already have records in the current selection, and you perform a query in that selection, your previous records will be over-written by the new records that match the query. Try getting used to the idea of working with different selections. You may find it necessary to go back to the records stored in previous selections.