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Tech Tip: Pasting 4D View cells with PV PASTE FROM BLOB and PV SELECT CELL
PRODUCT: 4D View | VERSION: 6.8 | PLATFORM: Mac & Win
Published On: August 14, 2002

The command PV PASTE FROM BLOB pastes the information defined with the value, formula, and format parameters from the current cell of the area, from a selection contained in BLOB.

When pasting cells procedurally with "PV PASTE FROM BLOB," if the user already has several cells selected in the destination 4D View area, "PV PASTE FROM BLOB" will paste the contents of the source cell(s) to all of the selected cells in the destination 4D View Area.

For example:

Source cell

If you have already selected two cells (by highlighting two cells) instead of just pasting the source copied cell to one cell, you'll get the following results:

If you need to enforce that there are no duplicates when pasting, you need to get the current cell, select only that cell with PV SELECT CELL, and then perform the paste.


PV GET CURRENT CELL (pvarea->;$column;$row) `getting the current cell

PV GOTO CELL (pvarea ->;$column;$row)

PV SELECT CELL (pvarea ->;$column;$row;pv selection set ) `selecting that cell

`Paste to assigned area

PV PASTE FROM BLOB (pvarea->;My_blob;1;1;1)

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