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Tech Tip: 4D Business Kit for OS X
Published On: August 14, 2002

Compatibility: version 1.2

If you are running OS X, we at 4D have good news for you! 4D Business Kit is now fully compatible on OS X.

When you first launch 4D Business Kit on Mac OS X, you will encounter the error "Database can not be published." This is because on Mac OS X, if you want to gain access to the TCP ports below 1024, you must be the root user to do so. Since the HTTP port is by default port 80, you must be the root user to have 4D Business Kit serve pages to that port. You have two options to serve pages on your machine. You can set the port number to be say, port 8000 or port 8080 in the Advanced tab under the Preferences menu. Note: You will have to specify the port number in the URL when connecting to the 4DBK Web server. The other option you have is to use a software program called Pseudo. This application can be downloaded from:

This application allows the current user to run a process as root. In this case, it allows the user to run the Web services process of the 4D Business Kit on port 80 as root. After the process launches, you can quit pseudo to prevent security risks. Once installed, just drag the 4D Business Kit application onto the Pseudo icon and you now should be able to publish your database.