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Tech Note: The 4D Portal Contact Manager
Published On: January 31, 2002

The 4D Portal contains a Contact Manager module ("portlet" in 4D Portal parlance). This module allows you to store the kind of information that you might keep in a Palm® or Windows CE® hand-held computer, cell phone, or other PIM (Personal Information Management) software. With 4D Portal, you can keep this information in the Contact Manager module, and access it anywhere on the Web.

The Contact Manager Portlet was designed to be very small. Thanks to its diminutive size, it should be easy to see how it works, to adapt it to your own needs – including moving it to your own custom Web application. This tech note will help you understand all you need to know to get the most out of the Contact Manager.

Almost all Contact Manager-specific code can be found in just one method: CGI_ContactStart. This is possible because the Contact Manager is "event driven." It responds to different events, in the form of URLs that are passed to it. Therefore, much of this tech note will involve study of this one method.

Download Complete Tech Note & Example: Mac | Windows