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Tech Tip: How to convert an old Mac OS database to 4D v6.8 for Windows
Published On: October 18, 2002

If you have a 4D v2 database running on a Mac and want to upgrade this database to 4D v6.8 for a Windows machine, follow the steps below:

  1. Make sure the files are not damaged. They should open fine in 4D v2, provided you still have a compatible system on which to run it.
  2. On a Mac machine, open your 4D v2 database using a demo version of 4D v6.8. You can get a demo version by downloading a full version from the following location:

    Once downloaded, launch the full version with no serial number and you will be given the choice to use it as a demo version.
  3. Quit the demo version. Your database files have now been upgraded.
  4. Using 4D Transporter, create a Windows version of these files and copy them onto a Windows machine.

    You can now open and modify your database with your regular Windows version of 4D/4D Server.

Note: You cannot "transport" a 4D v2 database to a Windows machine and upgrade it on a Windows machine.