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Tech Tip: Ldap4D.c and distinguished name variable correction
Published On: October 25, 2002
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Product: : LDAP plug-in

On the 4D Summit CD is a copy of the LDAP Plug-in for 4D. This plug-in contains one command for logging into an LDAP Server from 4D and authenticating the user. There is one line of code that needs to be updated in order to work correctly in more recent versions of Windows.

In the ldap4D.c file in the variable initialization code you need to update the "dn" or distinguished name variable.

Currently the variable is defined as:

const char *dn;

This variable should be updated to:

char dn[256];

I had not noticed the error under Windows98 since it was much more forgiving of memory errors such as this. Under later versions of Windows when the sprintf command is called in the ldap4D.c file, 4D would crash when it tried to load the dn variable. The fix above will correct this error.