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Tech Tip: Making changes to an item's picture
PRODUCT: 4D Business Kit | VERSION: 1.2 | PLATFORM: Mac & Win
Published On: November 8, 2002

With the release of version 1.2 of 4D Business Kit , it is now possible to independently modify the compression rate as well as the size of the view for each picture of an item. The changes you make will only affect the current picture displayed. Thus you have more freedom in the overall process of designing your views.

To make changes, select Data from the main menu bar, and then select Items. The Items table will open in a new window. Double-click any item you wish to modify. A new window containing the properties of this Item will open. Select the Views tab of the Item. Click on the "Change view settingsā€¦" button. This will bring up another window, from which you can make your changes.

Be careful not to save the changes unless you are absolutely sure this is what you want. Once the save button is pressed in this window, you will not be able to undo the changes. This is because 4DBK overwrites the existing file with the new (modified) file created using Quicktime. From within this window, you are only allowed to increase the compression ratio (which will reduce the overall size of the picture) and to reduce the overall pixel size of the picture from its current setting. The key point here to remember is that from the current picture, you can only increase the compression ratio, not decrease it; in addition, you can only decrease the pixel size, not increase it. Once you have decreased the pixel size and saved the file, you will not be able to revert back to the previous settings.