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Tech Tip: Installation of 4D Online Help and 4D Explorer Help under MacOS
Published On: January 10, 2003

Compatibility: Version 6.8.x

Both of these help files are provided separately from the 4D application. Both can be downloaded from:

Installing the Online Help

1. Locate the Help_4th_Dimension.sit file included in this download package, then decompress it on your disk. A folder named [Help 4th Dimension] appears.

2. Control-click on your 4D package icon, then choose Show package content from the pop-up menu. You can then see the package internal structure, containing a set of files and folders.

3. Open the [Contents] folder. Note that the folder contains a subfolder named [Resources].

4. Copy your [Help 4th Dimension] folder into the [Resources] subfolder. ¥ Under Mac OS 9 only:

5. Open the [Help 4th Dimension] folder and create an alias of the 4D Help file.

6. Rename the alias as 4D.HTM.

7. Place the alias in the [MacOS] subfolder (at the same level as the [Resources] subfolder). Once the process is completed, launch your 4D application. The Help 4th Dimension command of the Help menu is active and provides access to 4D v6.8 online help via Apple Viewer. You can also call it using the Help key.

Installing the 4D Explorer Help

Copy the 4D Help file to the first level of your active 4D folder (for more information on the location of the active 4D folder, refer to the 4D v6.8 Upgrade Reference manual also found on the same downloads page). - Do not modify the original folder name. - If a previous version of 4D has been installed on your computer, there is probably an existing 4D Help file in your 4D folder. You can replace it, because the new version of the file is fully compatible with 4D previous versions.