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Tech Tip: Preventing access to the license dialog in a merged application
Published On: February 7, 2003
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In a merged application, you can still press CTRL+Alt+F8 or CTRL-Alt+F9 to display the license dialog or the runtime explorer. There is no way to trap these events. If you do not wish 4D to display them, here is a tips that lets you do this:

1 - Enable the 4D password system.
2 - Create a dummy user.
3 - Create a group and make sure that the dummy user does not belong to that group.
4 - Assign this group to the Design mode access.
5 - Define the dummy user as default user of the database.

Therefore, when launching the database, 4D will use the dummy user as current user, and since this user does not belong to the group that can acces the Design environment, he or she will not be able to display the license dialog nor the runtime explorer.