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Tech Tip: Tags for taxes and orders with 4D Business Kit
PRODUCT: 4D Business Kit | VERSION: 1.0 | PLATFORM: Mac & Win
Published On: March 7, 2003

There are many 4DBK tags you can use to display tax information on your Web pages. Initially, you may be unsure of which 4DBK tag to use. Two distinct tags comes to mind when dealing with taxes and orders. You can either use PrItemsVAT or PrOrderVAT. PrItemsVAT deals with the taxes prior to shipping charges. PrOrderVAT on the other hand, (as the name indicates) includes the tax on the entire order. The entire order includes the tax on the selected shipping option, if tax for shipping is turned on. It would essentially be correct to use both these tags; the only exception is that you should be cautious about where and which order these tags are used. For example, the tag PrItemsVAT could be used often on pages prior to selecting a shipping option. And PrOrderVAT should be used after the customer has selected a shipping option.