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Tech Tip: A brief over-view of using the 4D 2003 compiler
Published On: April 25, 2003

Compiler functionality has been integrated directly into 4D 2003. This tech-tip gives a brief over-view of using the compiler.

Compiler functionality is accessed through the Compilation dialog, which is opened by selecting the Compiler item from the Tools menu (in Design mode). Once you have compiled, your database structure will contain both the interpreted and compiled code; compiled code is no longer placed in a separate file.

To test your compiled code, select Run Compiled from the Use menu. To return to working with your interpreted code, go to User mode and select Run Interpreted from the Use menu. Compiler options are now configured through the 4D Preferences dialog.

When a database includes both interpreted and compiled code, you can choose to startup the database in compiled mode from the database opening dialog. The options area of this dialog has radio buttons to Open Interpreted and Open Compiled.

To create an application that contains only compiled code, first compile your database. Then go to the File menu and select Build Application…, which will open the Application Building window. When 4D builds the application, a copy of the database that contains only the compiled code is placed in a folder named Compiled Database

The integration of compiler functionality into 4D 2003 makes it possible to compile and test your compiled code without quitting 4D. This feature of 4D 2003 makes the development process considerably faster.