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Tech Tip: Importing items from a 4D Business Kit v1.2.x to v2.x.
PRODUCT: 4D Business Kit | VERSION: 2.x | PLATFORM: Mac & Win
Published On: June 20, 2003
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Importing items from a 4D Business Kit v1.2.x to v2.x.

While importing a previous version's Items table (v1.2.x) into a new store or data file in version 2.x, you will be prompted with a message alerting you that certain fields will be ignored during the import.

You need not worry about this message. Rest assured, this message simply states that the following fields: PrSpecialVAT,PrSpecialINV, PrItemVAT, PrItemINV and PcItemVATRate are no longer used. These fields contain redundant information that are not part of the data structure in version 2.x.

The data in PrSpecialVAT, PrSpecialINV and PrItemVAT, PrItemINV, will now be represented by PrSpecialEXV and PrItemEXV respectively. Both PrSpecialEXV and PrItemEXV already exist in version 1.2.x, but the choice was made to eliminate the redundancy in V2.x.