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Tech Tip: Name and location of data file is restricted for a merged-packaged application
Published On: July 29, 2003

When you create compiled and merged application in version 6.8.x, you can package your merged application using 4D PackageMaker. This is optional. However, if you wish to package your merged application, you need to be aware of two restrictions on the recognition of the data file.


1. The name of the data file must match the name of the application. If the name of the application is "MyApplication", then the name of your data file must be "".

2. The data file must be in the same folder as the packaged application.

If at least one of the above restrictions is not respected, the application will not be able to locate the data file when it is re-opened and the user will be prompted to select a data file at every launch.

In 4D 2003, all compiled and merged applications are automatically packaged by the built-in compiler and these restrictions are no longer enforced. Users can create the data file in any folder and name it as they wish.