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Tech Tip: How to have a custom About Dialog in your database
Published On: August 27, 2003

Compatibility: Version 6.8.x and 2003.x:

Selecting the menu item About 4th Dimension displays the 4D About box, where you can see information about 4D, the database, the System or about 4D, Inc. This About box can be displayed in the Design environment, the User environment or even the Custom menus environment.

If you want to display you own About dialog, you can use the SET ABOUT command. This command requires two parameters: the menu item title and the method that will display the dialog. Your custom About dialog will be visible only from the Custom menus and User environments. The Design environment will always display the default 4D About box. The method passed will have to open a window, display a DIALOG (your About box), and close the window. However, with this technique, you will see that 4D adds some information such as the version number. If you do not want to display this information, you will need to create a new process. To do that, the method defined with SET ABOUT will just have to create a new process. It is in this process that you will display your own About box. 4D will not add any extra information to this dialog, since it is displayed in a new process.