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Tech Tip: Copying pictures from the picture library
Published On: October 2, 2003

It is quite easy to copy a picture into the clipboard and paste that picture into a new picture resource in the picture library. However, it is not quite the same for the other way around. If you want to copy a picture resource from the picture library into the clipboard for other uses, you will have to first allow 4D to convert the picture into bitmap format before you can do any editing on the picture itself. Click anywhere in the picture or the gray area surrounding the picture and the following dialog will pop up:

To be editable, this picture will be converted to a bitmap. Do you wish to continue?

By confirming this dialog, you will then be allowed to edit this picture resource. To copy the picture, first press "CTRL +a "on the PC or "Command + a" on a Mac. This will select the entire picture resource. Press "CTRL + c" or "Command + c" to copy the picture into the clipboard.