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Tech Tip: Using filters in 4D Insider, why?
PRODUCT: 4D Insider | VERSION: | PLATFORM: Mac & Win
Published On: October 2, 2003

All versions:

4D Insider allows you to see relations between all objects in your database. You may ask to see all relations or narrow it down to a specific type of objects. For example, you may select "Project method" from the pop-up menu located to the right of the Main title. This will list only project methods. If you want to see all methods (form methods, project methods, databases methods...) you can select "All" (default choice) from this pop-up and you will be able to see all the methods. However, in that case you will also see all other items, such as variables or pictures. To display only the methods, you can create your own filter:

- From the File menu, select Preferences and then select Filters from the submenu.
- From this dialog, click in the enterable area, type the name of your filter and click on the New button.
- This displays another dialog where you can define your filter.
- You can now deselect all items except Project methods, Databases methods, Triggers, Form methods and Object methods.
- Click on the OK button to save and close this dialog.
- Open a database if it has not already been done.
- Select this new filter .

You can now see only the methods and nothing else.

If you go back to the filter definition dialog, you will notice that more options are also available.

You can create different type of filters, such as filters that will list:
- all the methods whose names begin with a specific string, which is usually the case for component methods. (name start with ...)
- all new objects created since a given date (date is greater than..)
- all methods that contain a given word in either their name or their contents. For example: name contains 'record'; search in contents checked. This will retrieve all the objects whose name, comments, static text or commands contain 'record'.
- all unused objects (check the unused checkbox)

Filters can be really useful. The filter conditions are also available in the Search dialog. However, if you have to do this very often, using filters will be faster than performing each time a database search.