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Tech Tip: Redraws slowdown everything
Published On: October 10, 2003

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Having an interface that shows what's going on in real time is very nice. However, this could also mean that a lot of redrawing is taking place and it may slow down your application. It is important that you limit to a minimum the time and processing spent on redrawing, especially when CPU time is needed for other time-consuming tasks. This applies to both 4th Dimension and 4D Server - especially 4D Server.

4D Server displays, by default, a window in which you can see all the processes currently running. If you are expecting a lot of connections, hide this window. This will ensure that 4D Server does not spend its CPU time on redraws. To assess the load, we performed a basic test: we 'hit' 4D Server with numerous simultaneous short 4D Open connections. This requires 4D Server to update intensively the Process window. With the Process window closed, 4D Server was able to handle up to 50% more connections than with the window opened. This test was performed under XP machines with 4D Server 2003.