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Tech Tip: MODIFY SELECTION and scrollbars
Published On: October 10, 2003
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Everybody is usually familiar with the call to MODIFY SELECTION([Table];*)
This call allows you to display the current selection with the output form, even if the selection contains less than 2 records.

However, editing a record using MODIFY SELECTION will display the input form without any scrollbars. This is a problem if the height of the input form is greater than the current window height and the window cannot be resized.

If order to enable scrollbars when editing a record from a MODIFY SELECTION, you will have to add an extra parameter, the * parameter.

With MODIFY SELECTION([Table];*;*), the first * means that you want to use the output form even if you have less than 2 records in your current selection. This also mean that scrollbars will be de-activated when editing a record. The second * will disable this last feature. You will be able to edit one record and yet scrollbars will still be enabled if needed