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Tech Tip: Having data problems with legacy quick reports in the new quick report editor?
Published On: October 23, 2003

When you face data problems (such as erroneous empty cells) in the newer Quick Report editor in List mode, the first problem you should be looking for is circular automatic relations. With the new Quick report editor, every automatic relation between tables whose data is used in the report will be activated and used. That also includes automatic relations that are pointing to or from tables not used in the report. In the previous version of the Quick report editor, the propagation of an automatic relation could go only from the detail table to the parent table, so you could get away with a circular relation if it did not interfere. Automatic circular relations should never be used in a relational database as it makes data management inconsistent, if not defective. To replace a relation, you can always perform a query based on the key value on the table you want to relate to.