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Tech Tip: Plug-in area vs Field value
Published On: October 30, 2003

Compatibility: version 6.8.x and 2003.x

When you automatically save a plug-in area into a field (using the naming convention), you may get the idea that the plug-in area and the field content are just one at any given time. This is simply not the case. When a record is loaded into an input form, the field value is dissociated from the content that is displayed in the plug-in area. For example, if "Field4_" is the picture field that houses the 4D Write area "Field4", at the loading of the form, the contents of the field are loaded into the area. If you edit the contents of the area, they will be different from the contents of the field until you accept the form.

Note: please note that if you use the SAVE RECORD command to save the record, you will have to assign the plug-in area contents into the field using the WR Area to picture command even though you respected the naming convention.