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Tech Tip: Having trouble printing after upgrading 4D
PRODUCT: 4D | VERSION: 2003.1 | PLATFORM: Mac & Win
Published On: November 13, 2003

After upgrading your database, you may encounter printer problems. To begin troubleshooting this problem, I recommend creating a new database with the following two methods.

Method 1:

This method will launch the print dialog. First, it will answer the question, are you connected to a printer, if not then your printer will not be displayed in the list. Second, the alert assures that the command can be called properly with no hang-ups. If you do not receive the alert, then you know there is something wrong with this command in your database.

Method 2:

This method tells PRINT SELECTION to skip the dialog and just print. This will let you know if the job is being sent to the print driver. If so, you should get a print out of your table records. Also, the alert will let you know if the command was executed properly with no problems. You also need to be sure to run these test without any plug-ins. As a reminder, plug-ins can be installed next to the 4D database, next to the 4D application or in your system (4D preference folder).

This is a good first start to troubleshooting printer problems in your database. If these methods work in the newly created database, then you can be sure that the problem pertains to your specific database. If this is the case, you will want to re-check you code on how you call these commands. You may also want to check your plug-ins. It is very likely that you will need to update your plug-ins to with current version to adjust to your upgrade.