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Tech Tip: Plug-ins not accessible in merged application
Published On: December 18, 2003

This tech tip will help you handle the problem of accessing plug-ins after merging your application. If you are using 4D Engine to build a merged application that uses plug-ins, you will have to manually move a copy of the Win4DX/Mac4DX within the final application folder. The location is different for each OS.

Here are the steps for Windows:
- After merging the application
- Move the Win4DX folder next to the merged application in the Final Application folder
- Now launch your merged application and you now have access to the plug-ins

Here are the steps for Mac OSX:
- Control-Click on the double-clickable merged application in the Final Application folder of your database
- Select Show Package Content from the pop-up menu
- Open the Content folder in a new window
- You will see a Mac4DX folder; copy the plug-in into that folder
- Launch the merged app and you will be able to use the plug-ins