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Tech Note: 4D, iCal and Web Services
Published On: February 19, 2004

4D 2003 has incorporated a powerful element, Web Services. And with Web Services, 4D methods can be called remotely. This in turn allows designers the freedom to maintain their database anywhere and permits end-users to take advantage of customized functionality.

iCal is Appleā€™s built-in calendar application. The newest version of iCal (version 1.5.1) has implemented the ability to call AppleScripts. AppleScripts are small programs that can execute a variety of program calls, from playing a song in iTunes to emptying the trash. The latest version of AppleScripts support Web Services. Therefore, with iCal, you can schedule an event to execute an AppleScript which will communicate to 4D via Web Services .The following technical note will explain the steps needed to integrate iCal with 4D through Web Services. A few scenarios will be outlined to illustrate how one can apply this technology.

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