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Tech Tip: Where's the first row?
Published On: April 15, 2004
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Compatible with 4D 2003.3 and 4D ODBC 2003.3

When using ODBC, Microsoft Excel assumes the first row of your spreadsheet is the field names. Therefore, when importing a spreadsheet from Excel using ODBC, the first row will not be included. It is important to note that according to ODBC standards, it is recommended to always include a field name for every column of data you wish to import. This will prevent any potential problems that may occur.

However, what if your spreadsheet only contains data and has no field names for the first row. When you import this spreadsheet using ODBC, you will loose that first record. Here's a quick workaround to remedy this:

- Simply insert a blank row at the top of your spreadsheet as a place holder (Figure 1)
- When 4D pulls the data via ODBC, Excel will assume the blank row is the field names allowing the rest of the data to come through normally