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Tech Tip: Changing method names
Published On: April 22, 2004
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Whatever your reasons, when you decide to change the name of a previously defined project method(s) in your database, make sure that you change the method call everywhere else in your database. In this case, many of us would use the "Find in Database..." option to locate all instances of calls to the old method name; however this does not locate all instances. For example, if you have a menu item that executes this method, you will have to change the method call from within the Menu Bar Editor. Other places to be aware of are:
-The 4D Password system, where you can assign a project method to user logins.
-The Label Editor, where when selecting the Layout tab you have the option of executing a project method when the label is printed.
-The Query Editor, where you can enter in the project method name as a string and execute the method during the query.