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Tech Tip: Where is the list of keywords?
Published On: June 10, 2004

The list of keywords in the Method editor is no longer available in version 2003.x. However, you can now use Macros to insert keywords. A macro-command is a section of 4D code that is permanently accessible and that can be inserted anywhere in your methods, whatever the type of database open. Macros can contain all types of 4D text, commands and constants, as well as special tags which are replaced at the time of macro insertion by values derived from the method context.

In the Method editor, right-click (or CTRL + click on Mac OS) on the background of the method edition area and select the Insert Macro item. A list of macros will be displayed that should easily replace the keyword list. In addition to the basic Macros that come with 4D, you can create your own macros.

For more information on macros, please refer to section "Data Entry Assistance" on page 48 of the 2003 4th Dimension Upgrade Guide.