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Tech Tip: The Right Place to Put your Plugin Folder
Published On: June 10, 2004

The 4D plugins are stored in the plugin folder (mac4dx or win4dx folder) and you can place this folder in one of three locations: next to the database structure file, next to the 4D application, or in the active 4D folder of the computer. So which is the best place? This depends on the scope of the plugins. If you place the plugin folder next to a database structure file, it can only be accessed by that database. If you place the plugin folder next to a 4D application, the plugins are accessible to any database opened by that 4D application. And if you place the plugin folder in the active 4D folder, the plugins contained in the folder can be used by any database opened by any 4D applications within the system.

Commented by Randy Shepherd on December 18, 2009 at 9:35 AM
This Tech Tip is similar to the one called "Where to Put Plug-ins in 4D 2004" and the same questions apply:

With regard to Client-Server installations, is there ever any need to put a plugin on the client machine? What if the client machine is used as a development box and there happens to be the same plugin installed on the client? Which plugin is loaded? Can they both be loaded when the 4D Client is being used, or will the one on the 4D Server always be used as a default? What if there is an old version of the Plugin on the 4D Client computer (i.e.- SuperReport in the MAC4DX folder) and a new version of the same plugin on the 4D Server (i.e. - SuperReport loaded as a bundle on the 4D Server). What issues if any can one expect to encounter?