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Tech Tip: Enabling / Disabling Button Objects from Another Process
Published On: June 17, 2004
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Enable Button/Disable Button are commands that are coupled to form events. Enabling or disabling objects from elsewhere, such as from other processes, yield inconsistent results. The appropriate approach is to handle the Enable Button/Disable Button commands from within the form method to which these objects belong, and if necessary, to use a triggering event such as On Outside Call. This way, when the calling process(es) perform a Call Process command, the form object can be enabled or disabled.

For example: below is the code in the form method. Another process will call the process id of the process currently running the form, which will trigger the On Outside Call form event (it must be checked in the form properties for this to work), which will enable the disabled button.

Form Method

Case of

    : (Form event=On Load)

      DISABLE BUTTON(b_done)

    : (Form event=On Outside Call)

      ENABLE BUTTON(b_done)

End case