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Tech Tip: Specifying Data Segment Size
Published On: June 17, 2004
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In 4D, a data file cannot be allowed to be over 2 gigabytes in size, and therefore it must be partitioned into segments. You can limit the size of the segments. Here are the steps:

1. In the design environment, choose 'Data segments' in the Structure menu.
2. In the Segments dialog box, choose the segment that you want to limit the size of.
3. In the Maximum size field, enter the size in KB (must not be more than 2 gig).
4. Click Set. Repeat the process to limit the size of the other segments.
5. Press OK when done.

If you want to limit the size of the segment that already contains data, the specified size of the segment must not be less than the current size of the segment. Otherwise, 4D will make the current size of the data in the segment the segment size.