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Tech Tip: Displaying the QR Editor and Wizard Programmatically
Published On: August 26, 2004
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You can display the Quick Report editor and wizard programmatically by using the QR Report command. This command can take up to six parameters -QR Report({table;}document{;hierarchical{;wizard{;search}}}{;*})- wherein the document parameter must exist and the others are optional. To display the Quick Report editor, you have to declare a document that does not exist in the document parameter; to display the QR wizard, you need to set the wizard parameter to true. Below is a sample code that will perform a query on a table and will display the QR editor with the wizard so that the user can design, save load, and print any reports.

If (OK=1)
    QR REPORT([Records];Char(1);False;True;False)
End if

As you can see, to display the editor and the wizard, the document parameter is set to Char(1), a name of the document that does not exist, and the wizard parameter is set to true.