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Tech Tip: Applying Grid Size Setting Globally to 4D View
PRODUCT: 4D View | VERSION: 2003.4 | PLATFORM: Mac & Win
Published On: August 26, 2004

When working with 4D View, you may want to specify the grid size of 4D View. This setting can either be applied to a specific 4D View area (as described in theTech Tip Setting the grid size of 4D View area (Case 29779)) or all 4D View areas that will be opened. To apply this setting globally, you have to execute the command PV SET PLUGIN PROPERTY with an appropriate property. Here is an example of the command call that set the default grid size of all 4D View area in the current application to 10 by 10.

PV SET PLUGIN PROPERTY (pv default columns count ;10)
PV SET PLUGIN PROPERTY (pv default rows count ;10)