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Tech Tip: How to create a 4D Draw template?
PRODUCT: 4D | VERSION: 2003.3 | PLATFORM: Mac & Win
Published On: September 2, 2004

A 4D Draw template is a 4D Draw document that is used as a starting point for a particular application so that the format does not have to be recreated each time it is used. A template is bind to a plug-in area. You will have to create a plug-in area in your form. You may or may not bind this plug-in area to one of your fields if needed. If you want to bind this plug-in area to your field, make sure the name of the field is the same as the plug-in area variable name with an under-score at the end of the name. For example; the plug-in variable name is 4DDrawPlugin. The field name should be 4DDrawPlugin_. The next step is to create a 4D Draw plug-in area on your form. Launch the form with the 4D Draw plug-in area. Once you have finished creating the layout of the 4D Draw area, go to the 4D Draw File menu and select "Save as template". This will create a file located next to your structure file named "pluginname_.4DW". With our example, our file will be named "4DDrawPlugin_.4DW".The next time you load up your form with the 4D Draw plug-in area, the template will bind to that plug-in area.