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Tech Tip: How to Install a Serial Number in 4D Runtime or 4D Runtime Classic
Published On: September 2, 2004
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There are a couple of options for installing a license from within 4D Runtime or Runtime Classic.

One option is to open a database with 4D Runtime or Runtime Classic. On Windows, press Ctrl-Shift-F8 and on Macintosh, press Command-Shift-F8. This displays the 4D Update License dialog. Next click on the "Add Serial Number" button. Carefully enter the serial number and click the OK button.

Another more elegant option for entering serial numbers in Runtime is to create a simple method and add it to the menu bar. This method can be as simple as a single command, CHANGE LICENSES. The CHANGE LICENSES command also displays the 4D Update License dialog. This enables the user to install a license.

Using the CHANGE LICENSES command, you can display the 4D License dialog from the User and Custom menus environments.