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Tech Tip: How to Import Data from ODBC Source
Published On: September 16, 2004

Make sure that you have properly installed ODBC on the machine. Assuming that the ODBC has been properly configured, under the File menu in the User environment, choose the Import>From ODBC Source command. Once you have selected the option, an ODBC data source dialog box will appear. Select the data source to use and click OK (Windows) or Login (MacOS). Once you have clicked the button, the standard 4th Dimension import data dialog box will appear. On the right side of the dialog box, set the SQL table from which you wish to import data. Select the table and 4D fields into which the data must be imported or check the "Create a table" option (this option is not available for compiled databases). Like all other kinds of imports, the preview area displays matches between imported data and fields. Choose import options on the right side of the dialog box: a coming from the source. Click Import to import the data. Once the data is imported, the connection between 4th Dimension and the data source is automatically closed.