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Tech Note: Authenticating Web Service Requests
PRODUCT: 4th Dimension | VERSION: 2004 | PLATFORM: Mac & Win
Published On: October 7, 2004

4th Dimension 2003 and later support calling Web services directly through the 4th Dimension language. At the core of Web services are SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) messages. The SOAP 1.1 and 1.2 standards don’t define how requests and requestors should handle authentication. Many Web services require authentication information with each request for commercial or security reasons. Since there is no single standard approach to authentication, different Web services require authentication information to be supplied in different ways. Some services even support multiple techniques. This technical note explains how 4th Dimension 2004 supports the three common approaches to passing credentials along with a Web service request:

-Providing an HTTP Basic user name and password with AUTHENTICATE WEB SERVICE.
-Passing credentials as SOAP header values with SET WEB SERVICE OPTION
-Passing credentials as standard SOAP inputs set with SET WEB SERVICE PARAMETER.

Compatibility Note: Setting SOAP headers requires 4th Dimension 2004 orlater.

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