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Tech Tip: Creating a Path Document Using 4D Client version 2004
PRODUCT: 4D Server | VERSION: 2004 | PLATFORM: Mac & Win
Published On: October 28, 2004

A Path Document enables you to access a specific 4D Server database directly from the client machine. You can drag and drop a path document onto the 4D Client application or you can double click on the Path Document file, which will launch the 4D Server database directly, without having to specify it in the connection dialog box. In addition, the connection file can contain the user password (encrypted). In this case, access to the 4D Server database is immediate.

To create a path file to a database:

Note: for the following steps to work you need to enable the password system.

1. In the User Identification dialog box of 4D Client, select or enter the name of the user whose access you want to save, then the password. These parameters must be valid in order to be able to access the dialog box for saving the connection file.

2. Click on the Save button. The following dialog box appears: You can save the path with or without the password.

3. Click on either the With password or Without password button. A standard save file dialog box appears, which lets you specify the name and location of the file on your disk.

4. Choose the name and location of the file and validate the save dialog box. The 4D Client connection file is stored on disk.

You can find more information regarding Path Document in page 81 of the 4D Server 2004 Reference.pdf guide, which is available from