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Tech Note: User Defined Forms
Published On: November 11, 2004

Time is money. And when time is wasted, everyone suffers. As a developer, the primary target is to delivery a product that meets and exceeds your users’ satisfaction. As a user, the ultimate satisfaction is a solid product that adapts to your ever changing need. Imagine building a database that can adapt to your users’ needs. How many times have you received a call or request, to change this or modify that to better serve the user? What if the next time your users hits a road block, instead of sending you a call, they merely fix the issue themselves; regardless of being a compiled and merged double-clickable application.

What about your vertical market application? What if you could distribute the application to all of your different clients and give them the power to tailor the look and feel toward their industry, company or business. They all want the same data, but just have different requirements for how it should be viewed. Well, now you can. 4D 2004 introduces User Defined forms. Developers can now offer users the possibility of creating or modifying customized forms on-the-fly in runtime.

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