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Tech Tip: Upgrading Client Executables
Published On: November 18, 2004
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In 4D 2004, there is a new feature called Client Self-upgradable. This allows developers to build Server executables that will allow all Client executables to check with the server upon connection to determine if the Client executables are up to date with the Server. The question now is: Does this hold true when a new version of 4D Server is available (released by 4D)?

For example, if I build a new release of my Server Executable, without any code change to the structure file, instead, the only difference is that I've built my new Server Executible with a newer version of 4D 2004, will the Client Executables upgrade upon intial connection to the newly built Server Executable?

The answer is yes. Your new Server Executable build will prompt the old Client Executables to upgrade to the current version upon connection.