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Tech Tip: Splitters have changed in 2004
Published On: December 16, 2004

The behavior of splitters in 2004 has been enhanced to provide more user control of objects in list forms and list subforms.

In the form editor, the "Resizing Options" theme of the Property List now has the "pusher" property for splitters. When this property is enabled on a splitter other objects to the right of that splitter are moved while that splitter is moved. The effect is that the object to the left of the splitter can grow while the objects to the right of the splitter simply move to the right. Previous versions did not allow a splitter to move objects on its right side. This option is enabled by default on new databases, and disabled by default when using converted databases.

Splitters on Page 0 will now be enabled on all pages.

When using splitters, movement of the objects is displayed in real time. The "On clicked" event is now activated continually during splitter movement.

The "Sensitive Area," the area around a splitter that the user can click to activate it, is optimized for greater ease of use. Now splitters of very small width, for example 1 pixel, are now easier to select on a form.