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Tech Tip: How to Generate Code using the Quick Report editor wizard
Published On: April 14, 2006

A new feature has been added to the Quick Report (QR) editor that allows the ability to generate the 4D code corresponding to a report.

There is a new button in the QR editor that allows you to automatically generate code corresponding to a defined report. This feature is only available in User mode.

In the last page of the QR Wizard, there is a button called "Build 4D code". When you click on this button, a dialog box appears allowing you to set the parameters related to the code generation.

There are three options you can set: Borders, Palettes visibility, and Text properties. Y

ou can find more information regarding these options in the "4d_2004_upgrade_ref.pdf" on page 44.

Once the option has been defined, click the build code button. The next step is to paste it in the clipboard by clicking on the "Paste in Clipboard" button. Now you can paste the code in a method or a text file.