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Tech Tip: How to export data to an ODBC source
Published On: February 24, 2005

You can now export data from your 4th Dimension database to an ODBC source. To export data, go to Export ->To ODBC Source from the File menu. Once the option is selected, a window will appear requesting the user to select the datasource. On a Windows machine, select the datasource and click on OK. On a Mac OS machine, select the datasource from the drop down menu and enter your username and password. When a connection to the datasource has been established, a standard 4D export window will appear. Select the 4D table and fields from which the data must be exported. In the Datasource section, set the table you wish to receive the exported data. Once the table and fields have been selected, click on the export button and the data will be exported to the datasource. When the export is complete, the connection between 4th Dimension and the data source will be closed.