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Tech Tip: Building a Client/Server application with auto client update
Published On: February 3, 2005

4th Dimension 2004 allows you to build a cross platform client/server with an automatic update option.

To build a client/server application, make sure that the source code is compiled. Once compiled, go to 'Build Application' from the Design menu. Select the 'Client-Server' tab from the Build Application window. Select the following options: 'Build Client-Server Application', 'Allow automatic update of client application', '4D Server Folder' and '4D Client Folder Win' or '4D Client Folder Mac' depending on the client's operating system. To the right of the '4D Server Folder' option, click on the button to select the 4D Server application. Repeat the steps above for the client as well. Once the options are selected and the paths of the applications are entered, click on the build button to build the client-server application. Once 4D had completed building the application, it will create a folder named 'Client Server Executables' and in that folder will be two folders named 'Client' and 'Server' each containing the application.