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Tech Tip: Available features for the mailto option of the OPEN WEB URL command
Published On: June 27, 2005
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There are several parameters that can be used when using the OPEN WEB URL command option mailto. These are as follows:

Parameter Syntax
Address message to multiple recipients , (comma separating e-mail addresses)
Add entry in the "Subject" field ?subject=Subject Field Text
Add entry in the "CC" field &
Add entry in the "Blind Copy To" or "BCC" field &
Add entry in the "Body" field &body=Your message here

For example:

OPEN WEB URL(", Subject& Body")

This statement would open an email window to and with a copy sent to and a blind copy to with a subject of Test Subject and a body containing Test Body. Notice the ? is used in the first add on feature after the initial feature and the & is used to add on additional features.